Mexican Liability Limits:

The Mexican Liability limit is the amount of compulsory auto insurance coverage that motorists are required to obtain from a licensed Mexican insurance provider in order to operate a vehicle legally in Mexico. Some drastic changes to Mexican Labor Laws this year (2013) precipitated equally drastic changes in the minimum auto liability requirements across the country. Read more information on this page to find out why a fatal accident with a butcher in Baja is NOT AT ALL like a fatal accident with a journalist in yucatán.


Mexican Labor Laws & Liability Auto Insurance Requirements

Before February 2013, Minimum requirements for auto liability insurance in Mexico  were such that about $100,000 of Mexican liability coverage was likely to cover a car accident in Mexico. But now a much greater minimum limit on Mexican auto liability insurance has been set. The limits on liability insurance for Mexican auto insurance policies are based on Mexican labor laws.

Indemnity values in Mexico before February of this year were very seldom over 100,000 American dollars, and were predicated upon the Mexican code of labor laws. Article 502 of the code of labor laws was changed significantly this year, and the changes have caused ripple effects on liability insurance requirements. Before the changes to Mexican Labor Law this, the country used the following calculation to determine the amount of  indemnity an at-fault driver is responsible for if involved in an accident that results in death.



Indemnity for accidental death before February 4th of this year was equal to *750x the minimum daily wage of a person who practices the same profession in the Mexican state in which the accident occurred. This total amount is then divided by 13 for monetary conversion to American dollars.*

February´s changes stipulate that the daily multiplier for indemnity is now be *5,000x. This coupled with additional changes to minimum wage schedules for Mexican states has increased the recommended minimum liability limit. Now, being at-fault in an accident in Baja California that results in the death of a motorist can cost you over $230,000.00 (American dollars).

These changes to Mexican labor laws have caused all of the major Mexican insurance companies to require a minimum liability limit of $300,000 on all policies begun after February 4, 2013. Those insurers are also extending their coverage on policies issued before February 4th 2013 to meet the new liability auto insurance requirements and ensure the safety of their customers.


Follow the link below to learn more about Mexican labor law reform and the cost of indemnity insurance coverage in Mexico.

>>>>>>>>Information on Mexican labor law reform

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Expect The Unexpected : Mexican Road Risks and Liabilities

If you are from the United States or Canada, you have most likely been spoiled with 'great to optimum' driving conditions for most of your life, depending on your local geography.

When driving in Mexico you may or may not be surprised by the driving conditions, pavement condition, and the various types of vehicles and obstacles that will obstruct you. The funny banner at the top of this page is not a departure from common road hazards you are likely to encounter in Mexico as well as many other countries abroad that are still fueled by an Agrarian economy. Some of those common road hazards are listed below, and all of these things should be considered while you drive throughout the country to avoid injuries, confrontations with locals, and the all-too common fatal accident on the highways of Mexico:

Narrow Road Ways:
One of the worst cuplrits for accidents in Mexico is the narrow roads.
Not only are the lanes themselves narrower, but due to lack of infrastructural development in the country, as well as the nature of the substrate along roadways, there is usually a steep drop-off at the edge of the pavement on most highways.

If you drive at the same speed on skinny Mexican highways as you do on other wide-laned and luxurious North American roads, you have less space and time to react to obstructions in the road as well as large trucks, public busses, tractors, and other wide-vehicles you may encounter.

Considering the pavement drops off, it can be nearly impossible to maintain control of a vehicle while pulling off of a Mexican highway at much more than 10 miles per hour. Ruts and ridges on the shoulder cause hundreds of people to lose control of their vehicles in Mexico instantly when a right side tire slips off of the pavement.

when travelling through small towns in Mexico it is important to remember that the people look at the resource and public space of the street with a different perspective.
In rich nations or at least those where most people own a car, the social environment is one that considers streets the dominion of those who own vehicles and the vehicles themselves. In places like Mexico where many locals still practice subsistence farming and sometimes trade goods instead of currency, the streets are viewed as a public resource. This means that the foremost job of a street is to function as a public meeting space and common area for the people on either side of it. Respect this.

Slow... Down... In areas where the streets are narrower and there are people socializing near the street, those people are likely to expect cars to conform to the space required for their daily social interactions, and not vice versa.

the donkey above is not alone.

Thousands of families in Mexico still raise their own cattle for both sale, meat, and dairy consumption. this means that the livestock you see near Mexican roadways are seldom unspoken for, and are someones assets. Treat these livestock with the courtesy you would treat a neighbors escaped dog. This includes allowing the animals to cross the street, but not stopping traffic for miles for a single cow. Use discretion, and when in doubt ask another motorist to help you find an alternate route or help you usher the animals out of the way. And when in doubt because of the amount of livestock in an area, slow down- because a donkey through your windshield is just as deadly as a car accident.



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